A Bonding That We Will Always Remember

This is once in a blue moon get together. Everyone is happy! Imagine that we are working on shifting schedules and were not getting a chance to see each other most of the time.

I am happy and blessed with this team. I know deep inside that God already blessed us in every aspects of our life. We are proud of ourselves that we made it. We made our clients proud and we are so proud to ourselves too.

More clients to come for us. God Bless us! 🙂
Never give up! we stand as one family. ❤



We are almost complete. Insert Krizar and Charles who is not in the photos. 


Your IT Support Engineers 🙂


Love from a Thousand Miles Away

It’s more than a week since that day. The feeling is still linger in my heart. How I wish to stay this feeling forever. 
You surprised me and it is more than just a surprise. My sight is starting to blur again. I am full of joy. I whisper to myself saying these words “I miss you, I wish you were here with me.” 

I feel your unending love from a thousand miles away from me. I closed my eyes to see every detail of your face. I wanna hug and kiss you in your lips like I always do. But not right now. Sooner or later we will be in each others arms again.

It’s more than a week but my room is still filled with Lilies scent. Imagining you at the back of my mind and caught myself smiling. Staring at the flowers thinking of you on how you spent time to open your laptop/mobile phone and tried to ordered a bouquet of flowers for me. 

The flowers blooms every single day and I am trying my best to take care of it eventhough I don’t know how. I know that this beautiful flowers may soon withered and died but our love and memories that we made this day will never fade away. 

I am so happy and feel love. A priceless moment that I will be treasure deep inside my heart for a lifetime. Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me. Distance doesn’t matter at all. 😊

I miss you and Idoloveyou. 

PS: Thank you also for the birthday cake 🙂 

Julien, our First Intern✨

Julien in gray shirt
Thank you Julien. 
We will always remember you. Thank you for your support on us. 

We had so much fun and appreciated all the things you’ve done even in the very short time. Your unending talks, life experiences, about foods in France, culture, etc. You bring memorable moments with us. 

Good luck on your studies and work! See you soon with the rest of of the team. ^^

Writing is a Piece of my Heart

There was a time that I want to write but I can’t help myself to open the laptop and start to write. Lots of feelings, thoughts that keep in my heart for a long time and waiting to grab them out. But when the time goes by, those thoughts and feelings fade away and the worse scenario is, I am not able to write all of them which makes me feel sad.
I am not sure what will I feel after I write such thoughts. I just want to write, not grammatically perfect but full of true feelings from my heart and hoping to understand them by other person who can’t understand Filipino language.

When I was a kid, I am afraid to write my feelings and dreams. I am afraid to share it to someone else and just keep it on my diary notebook. I am contented sharing everything to myself and God. Just between the two of us. I am shy if someone will see what I had written. I am shy. Afraid on how they will judge me according to what they read. Saying a lot of things and most specially that I am not good in writing. So why am I trying to write? What is the purpose?

Every piece of my heart is starting to fall. I am always praying to seek strength from God to write something. To share something from my heart.
Until there was a time I received a comments, msgs. from my blog posts telling me a wonderful words about my entry. I feel happy! It feels like you win in a lottery jackpot and I promise to myself that I want to write something AGAIN. They didn’t judge me. They saw my heart through writing. They felt my heart. They saw me as a person behind those words. There is still someone out there who reads my heart not my words. That’s the best feeling ever when someone’s appreciate what I had written.

And now, I am 24, believe it or not I know that writing is not really my passion. Never got a chance to get English major or journalist or professional writing course. But, I do love to write. I just like it and feel a joy in my heart every time I share something to someone else. That’s it.

I am a professional Information Technology Support Engineer now particularly in Network and System Operation which is really far from writing. As an IT there’s a lot of opportunity came to me that gives a creative magic in my life.

Writing is only part of my life. Everyone can write too like me. 

I just want to write. I just want to express my feelings. I want to share something to everyone. I want to reach out for someone who needs a friend. Telling him/her that I am here, this is my life, I want to share something to you. I know this is the only way to reach them. There’s always a purpose behind everything. I thank God for that.

Writing is a part of my life and this is my heart. I will never stop writing until my hair turns white. 


PS: And, maybe if I didn’t chose to became an IT professional I will not meet the love of my life.

I miss you..

I miss you more than you miss me. Thank you for reminding me always how much u miss and love me every single day. I don’t want to say a lot of things about this because I am starting to miss u again.

God is always do amazingly things in our lives that we can’t both imagine how everything works in his own way. God, thank you. Our feelings and gratitude is beyond words because of your unending Love 💖

This Journey is so Exciting!

I am excited to write. 🙂

I am full of smile at this moment. Even though I am longed for his presence, cried for so many nights, I keep on smiling and praying. We always remind ourselves that everything will be alright. We are both thankful to God how He used us on the things and plans he wants for us and for our family. God’s  glory is beyond words.

I can’t imagine that we will gonna talk most of the time in a phone screen starting from now on. His mom told me how excited she is to see her son and also his younger sister is so excited too.

Around 1:00 PM (Monday afternoon) here in Manila and 9:40 PM (Sunday Night) in California. I am happy that I don’t have a schedule work.  I am thanking God for making a way for us to talk. 🙂 Our first video call is so memorable. 🙂 We talked for almost 6 hours. This is unbelievable! He stayed awake until 4 AM and 7 PM here in Manila just to talk to me. The questions like how are u, did you already eat, hows the PAL experience (hehe), jet log,  hows your mom and sis, what did you eat on dinner etc,. He sends me a lot of selfies and scenery in his place. I saw a lot of pictures on his mom Facebook welcoming him in his hometown.  My eyes is filled with tears of joy not a loneliness anymore. I am so happy for bf that finally after so many long long years, he saw his mom and his little sister again. He told me how happy he was. So am I.

He told me a lot of things even though it is his first night. My attention is only to him and I listened  in every words that he said. I always miss him every single day. Even though if he’s still here in Manila, I miss him, we both always miss each other and we always find a way to talk to after work or even we are both busy. Now, distance is our enemy. And, timezone  too.  Ahaha. Manila is 15-hours ahead in CA. When sunshine rise here,  stars and moonlight rise in CA.  We cannot say same “good mornings” and “good night”  on our own timezone,  his night is my day and my day is his night, vise versa. But, sooner or later he will be with me again and with his family here.

Anyways, we are happy and both positive. We are ready on this chapter of our lives. We talked about this how many times.  We are not babies anymore.  We need to be strong  and make a decision on our own but still we need to listen to each others side.  🙂 And sometimes there was once a time when we talk about this, we noticed that after  a long talk, our mouths is full of praise and worship in God and how He changed our lives from the start and I started to cry again. It is miracle. This was happened so many times. That’s why we stay positive and lift up everything to God.

I am so proud of bf how strong he is to made a decision like this. Even though it is hard for him, for both of us and for his family. He choose it. I always ask why? He simply told me that “GOD is with me”.  He is a positive person. All the things that he do is dedicated for his family and for his and our future. He don’t do this alone. He is with GOD. There’s a lot of testimonies I want to share how God use Jereamy according to his will. Jereamy is not a vocal person or even broadcasting everything he do.  But I know, when you are with him, you will be amaze who is Jereamy is.  🙂

I am not yet finish to write, but maybe, this entry is too long enough to share the things I want to write.

This is a new chapter of his life. As well as in his family and mine. This new chapter of his life will be a way to have a memorable bonding with his family in CA too. I am happy when I saw the pictures of his family there full of joy and excitement to see him. 🙂 We are sad, but if this is God’s will, we will accept it. We both highly believed that God has a purpose behind all of these.

God speaks to Jereamy’s heart.  He need to do his mission as a child of God.

Let’s continue to be positive, happy and full of hope. Always look at the bright side. Worrying is a waste of time. Put our worries into prayer. No more dramas. Just Love. ❤


This journey is so exciting!


17974823_1212785105505024_49568640_n (1)
His first night. 🙂 Our First video call 🙂

I do love you and miss you.