One Summer Night

One summer night, where the dark sky shines. It is brighter than the stars tonight. A loud music that I can’t remember. So crowded, I can’t see their faces clearly. I see you, your eyes is looking up in the sky. It is sparkling and smiling.

One summer night, where the dark sky shines brighter. We will always remember, only you and me, holding each others hand under the spectacular fireworks. 

We will always remember and never forget. ☺️

MimingsTour, Zambales [Celebrating our 6th year Anniversary]

He gave us 2 days to enjoy our moments together. Is it okay if we ask more than what we already have? This is a selfish attitude.  Every time I think about that day, I suddenly smile again. The feeling is still the same and it feels like it was just happened yesterday. Why can’t happy moments  stay for a long time and never ends?

An entry like this is very important after every special moments that we shared together. This is so special aside from keeping  a lot of pictures.

Mimings couple first time in Northern part of the Philippines. We went to Zambales for 2days to celebrate our 6th year anniversary of love and thanking God for all the blessings that we received from him. One of the special occasion of our lives that we will never  forget.


March 5, Sunday, we leaved Manila before the dawn and we arrived earlier at Zambales. I think we are both excited because this is our first time in Zambales. Yeheey!  Sa totoo lang na eexcite ako! It is so hot as expected. We don’t feel like to swim that time and we decided to walk around and took a lot of selfies. We enjoy  the peaceful scenery of beach, trees and sands. How lovely it is. Our face is smiling from the start since we arrived.






We have a lot of time before we swim at the beach and still it is so hot. We lay on the white sand under the trees  and talk a lot of things specially about the future.  We made a video recording and we ate chocolates. 🙂 We love sweets anyways. We walk while holding each others hands. I am easily feel tired because of the hot temperature but we are both full of joy and enjoying each time of our moment together.




It’s already 4:30 PM and we decided to swim. Finally! We ran on the beach.  I like the beach waves. Even though I am afraid in the water because I feel like I will be suffocated, bf is always beside me.


All I hear is the beach waves and the laughs of people. I look around, everyone is having a wonderful time with their family and friends. I smile. I saw Jereamy’s smiling on me. This is so priceless.

As the time goes by, we saw the sun and it is about to set in a few minutes. We sat in the sand and watched the sun. I feel mixed emotions and I know that he feel the same thing too because I feel it.


The sky will be cover by darkness sooner or later but I don’t feel like to end this day.

We ate our dinner and we watched the acoustic night. There’s a lot of people that night  but it is not crowded. I love the ambiance. We sang together and talk a lot of things again. Time is so fast but  are enjoying every single moment. My heart trembles when they sang the song title “Can’t help Flling In Love”. I feel inlove. We both hope that the song will never end. Awwww. Thank you for that song. We love it.

Acoustic Night

Also, this is our first time to feel the warm of bonfire. Ang ganda! 🙂 And our first time to watched fire dance.So great! 🙂

Our first bonfire together 🙂

I don’t feel like to finished this entry, it feels like I am saying good bye on this happy moment. Bf and I will surely miss everything. ❤





Good Night 🙂

We had a great anniversary celebration.Thank you so much dear Lord. 🙂

Thank you. Love, Shane.

Thank you for this 💖
Thank you for making me smile every single day. I want to cry how happy I am to have you. I wanna hug you right now. I want to be with you tonight.

It’s already 1:00AM, I need to sleep and meet you in dreamland. I know your waiting for me there. Please wait more minutes and I surely be on your side. ☺️

I can’t sleep, thinking a lot of things. It is too much? Eventhough how many times you told me not to think of it, still I can’t resist. Everytime I close my eyes, I see it and I hold my feelings because…

… don’t worry smile is always next in line. 🙂

Is it weird if I write these crazy things tonight? The flowers is smiling on me. It’s not just a flower, it symbolizes your love and care for me. That was a time that you remember me to buy one. How lucky I am when I open the door and you try to hide those flowers but I heard it. I saw it in your eyes as well as in your smile. Your body movements is not usual. Your not good at hiding? :p lol.

Our endless Good morning and Good night msgs. “Hey, It’s Lunch time ming!” , “dinner time” and even txting “eat your merienda”. 😂 Saying how much you love me and miss me every single day.

You never fail to make me smileand feel love. I never thought that we are here. So far and starting to live our dreams together. Our love story always stand strong.

I want to cry with full of joy. I wanna thank God for everything. God, thank you.

Little by little, day by day, this flowers may fade away but it will never forget the time you gave it to me. This is not an expensive one but your love is priceless. The flower is so colorful and full of Love. The time that you remember me when you bought this. That there is someone waiting for this to receive. Your thoughts really counts. 🙂

There’s always a beautiful flowers in every woman.

The Happiness Box (2016)

It’s not easy writing something about “Happiness” even though I have a happy personality, I can’t explain it and can’t find a word to describe what happiness is. I am hoping that God will give me a wisdom to write something about the box.

This is the first time that I’ve done this in my entire life. Is it weird that I write my happiness in a piece of paper and shoot it in a box every time I feel happy. Happiness such as I received chocolates from a special person, I went to a beach, I cook pasta, I bought and receive a books, I met my high school best friends, I met new friends, I discovered new books and author, I arrived home early etc., I write it down and smile.

Year 2016 is about to end in a week, while I cleaning my room , I saw the box and suddenly I smile. I opened the box. My hands is starting to pick every piece of paper inside of it and read everything. I never noticed that I smile a couple of minutes reminiscing the precious moments that I’ve been share with my friends, family and relatives.

I opened all my notes, and I found out that there’s so many reasons to be a happy person and I can’t count on it. Problems, difficulties, sadness, can write it down in just one sitting but my happiness never ends.

2016 is full of wonderful colors. Everything is full of joy, full of blessings and love. I never realized that my 2016 has it’s own darkest colors– it’s not easy and I hate those dark colors. It keeps on crushing me! There was a time that life is really unfair and I don’t even know how to stand on. It’s not easy. I can’t count on how many times I fall, I cried and ask why. 2016 challenged me a lot. But, behind those darkest side, a woman like me can absolutely get a piece of paper and hold a pen and write her happiness thoughts and talk and pray to God silently in her deepest silent heart. I always believe that no matter dark colors of life may bring to me, I know I am with Him to bring back the brightest and wonderful color of my life.

 This entry is about to end, but you know what are the secret of happiness life is?  I don’t even know. Haha! Just be simple and happy. Happiness is a choice. Learn how to be “contented”. No matter who you are, what we are – just be contented. I am not saying that you don’t need to aim high for something you want to get or achieve. No, just go on and live your life the way you want it to be but do not ask for more that something  that will turn into “excess”.  If we are happy and contented on what we have, we will have an ability to share to others without thinking what will left on us and we will noticed that we are starting to love one another too.
We are meant to share what we have to those who don’t have that’s why we have a different state in life. Some are poor and some are rich. There’s always a life balance.

And of course, knowing God. We are nothing, without Him. Let’s start to have a closer relationship on Him. He has no favoritism, he has no religion. If you are good or bad – He loves you and he will listen to you. Just talk to him with all your heart. Trust me, but you trust Him more.

Read his words. You will find the real happiness that I can’t really explain from the start of this entry and you will see that you will feel the Joyous life.


This  is a late entry. It was written last year December,2016.


When was the last time we turn around and never face our greatest fear? or something that we are scared  to stand on? We are not sure once we say “YES” everything will be all right and our heart will be filled with joy. We knew from the first place that it will not be easy and we are not sure what will be happen along the way once we grab it. Our heart say we want it but our fear stand behind us. We are afraid, but we are hoping to hear from our lips to say yes.

And, when we say “NO” our interest to something will fade away. Something that will break our heart for a long time.

That’s why were still in the dream of fantasy every time we close our eyes and once we open it, reality starts all over again. We are long for the happy ending story every single day.

I remember the movie I watched last night. After a long time, I’m finally free to watched a Korean movie. I didn’t watch a movie  most of the time because I most prefer reading than watching 3-hours straight. The movie genre is Romantic, Horror/Comedy. It’s a little bit scary, but at the same time I enjoy watching it. Even my tears fall on the last part of the movie.

This is the story of a street magician (Jo-goo) who noticed one of a miserable looking girl during his show and she winds up being the inspiration for his “Horror Magic Show”. The show has been success. To make the story short, the girl work for magician together with the other staffs. Forward to almost a year later, the darkness inside her, something her colleagues sense. As the girl and the magician developing a friendship together, Yuri confesses the long story about her past life. The girl has acquired an “unwanted” ability  to see dead ever since she survived a high school automobile accident. Dead people/ghost appear on her daily life. Her best friend who died in an accident follows her everywhere and scaring people around her. That’s why, she don’t have a lot of friends. Every person who became close to her starting to left her because they see unusual thing every time when they are with Yuri.

Yuri is so lonely and wants to be happy. Even how many times she say that she is happy to herself,  she always find herself alone and crying. Even though it’s like this, Jo-goo still on her side and never left her. The two of them start to develop feelings to each other. And though Jo-goo is sometimes scared witless himself, he loves Yuri enough to overcome his fear.

I really cried on the last  part of the story. The moment Jo-goo confessing his love on the girl and he want to stay with her. He  is really scared to be with her, he came to the point that he cannot sleep every night because of the ghost. It is so hard for him. But, he think about Yuri behind of this, that she is alone and screaming with her lonely heart. It makes his heart rips out every time he think of it.


“If I’m like this, thinking about you being alone. It’s better to have a ghost on my back rather than left you being lonely.  “

In our current life situation, we will also feel like this. We are portray or we are exactly the same as Jo-goo in the main character of the movie and Yuri is our spellbound and our fear is the ghost on the story. No matter how we want and choose our wants / interest we will never have it if we are not ready to face the fear behind us.

I believe that we should follow the same path that Jo-goo take. No matter how scared he is, he choose the girl she loves and overcome his fear. Because this is what his heart screaming of and in the end he is filled with happiness.

Remember that every time we say “YES”, believe me that every “fear” will follow you wherever you are like a ghost in the movie. You cannot sleep well too because your fear is bothering you. But, as long as you have God and a road map on what your heart really wants, the ghost or fear is just only a part of your journey to make you strong and  overcome your fear. And, remember that it will not be as easy as you think but don’t worry believe me, you will smile at the end of your journey and your heart will be filled with joy.


I still believe in Happy Ending.


PS: please watch the Spellbound (2011) movie too! 🙂


[September 18,2016] My Birthday Entry

Birthday entry is a must entry once a year.

A special moment that will be reminiscing again as the time goes by.
I want to write a birthday entry,  I want to write it in short but more detailed. I will write it simple. I am afraid if I missed out something or what. I just want to write with my whole heart. It’s almost 1 week since I celebrated my birthday with my love ones. Everything is still fresh deep inside my heart and I feel happy. My happiness is beyond words and I want to thank God for it. For those persons who made my birthday celebration completed – Thank you. 🙂

One day before my birthday. I am staring at the wine glass with a half red wine on it waiting for a date to change from 17 to 18 and sing a happy birthday song for myself. The more I drink the red wine, the more it became sweeter. As I look back how my life was created 23 years ago- happiness filled my heart. I can’t really imagine how I stand up for almost 23 years, how I believe and dream a lot of things, the people and new friends that I met, when life throw you a number of struggles and all you can do is to sit down and pray, the lessons I learned every day, pain, happiness, life is full of bitter-sweet cycle moment for me, how I created and paint my life’s journey from scratch every single day. I can’t imagine the path that I am goin through. This is amazing and I am amazing because I have a big God! And, now I am ready to kick-off my new year as a 24 young adult woman. Even though I am 24 already, they always compliment me that I look like 18. “Please maintain your cute young face”. Thank you! 🙂

I celebrated my birthday earlier than it’s usual. I choose to celebrate it with my family. I prepared food for them to share on dinner – pasta and shanghai my favorite. I want to make it simply but memorable. It is still the best birthday for me. To be with the person you love is really priceless. My mom, my 2-brothers, my cousins and with the presence of my dad in our heart even though he’s far away from us he never fail to greet me and I am excited to see and hug him once again next year. I love you Papa!. And my ultimate boyfriend surprised me with a birthday cake. Newly discovered cake from purple oven! Yah! They have the best cakes in Manila especially the Chocolate Campfire Cake that bf gave to me.

I enjoy the red wine with them and wait until 12-midnight. Thank you God. This celebration is because of you. I want to thank you for every single thing. I am the star of the night? No, you are my God. Only you. How it can be that I suddenly smile while saying thank you here (well, let’s have a personal talks later).

Today is my birthday. It’s Sunday! Believe me, there’s no place on earth can replace church every Sunday. I knew from the start that my birthday will fall on Sunday day. Without 2nd thought, I decided to go to church on that date. I want to be focus more on him, sing praises and thank him like we usually do, that’s why I celebrated my birthday with my family 1-day ahead. I am with my boyfriend on the day of my birthday. For almost 5 years in a relationship on him we never forget to spend our Sunday at church. He is my favorite “boy” person in the world aside from my dad. He’s my boyfriend and a best friend. He is a complete human being where you can share everything in your life. He is another gift from God and both of us wants to thank him for everything. We never forget him of course! 

We attended the 9AM service to start our day. I am sleepy that time because of the late night celebration. But, our inner spirit was recharge when the service started.

Since this is my birthday I treated my ultimate boyfriend in a buffet. Yeheey! It’s almost a year since we ate in a buffet resto and I am not a buffet eater person. Hahaha. So, let’s give it a try – once a year and get a promo. We went to one of my favorite mall in the south (Alabang Town Center) after service. Spending the rest of the afternoon with each other walking around inside the mall. Made happy moments and took photos that will represents our moments together on my birthday. I love taking photos because this is the only thing I know that will hold moments for a life time. But I will keep it deep inside my memory too.

At the end of the day, I feel completed; God gave me a birthday message this day that I will always remember every single day. Yes! I will do this every day, I did this every day ever since. I believe that this is what he wants to tell me and I am so happy that I received the greatest gift of all and I know that I can share it to the other, to the nation with a smile on my face. 🙂

Thanks God for another memorable day.

What God’s birthday gift message? Well, read my entry here:

Birthday Message from God


My Birthday Cake ❤

“this is your special day Shane, make the most out of it. – Happy Birthday!”